Moving into your own apartment is an exciting transition! It can also be a challenging one. To help make sure your student living experience is as rewarding as possible, we’re here to help answer questions and provide friendly support that will make your housing accommodation simple, convenient, and comfortable for you!

"208 is an enjoyable place to live because they have monthly giveaways and contests. It is also a great place to meet new people because there are many college students. The people and maintenance guys in the office are always friendly and they get things done promptly."
- Jennifer M.
How much is my rent and how do I pay it?
Your rent is listed on your lease agreement. You will log onto your resident portal to pay rent which is due on the 1st of every month. You do have the option to pay with an eCheck, which is the best option, or with a card. If you use a card to pay your rent there is a processing fee that the payment company charges. This fee is cheaper than a late fee but we do not recommend using a card to pay monthly. However, please note that if you have two checks returned, you will not have the option to pay with a check again. Please make sure everything is entered correctly and the money is in your account until it is fully processed. It may take a couple of days for your bank and ours to communicate and fully withdraw the money from your account.
How much is my deposit?
Your deposit is based on how your application comes back. Our standard deposit is $150. If you come back conditionally approved you have the option to pay an additional deposit equal to 2 month’s rent or to add on a Guarantor. Your deposit is refundable at move-out pending any damages or unpaid charges.
Can I use my student loans to pay my rent?
Absolutely! Once you receive the funds in your checking account you are welcome to use that money to pay your rent.
What is a guarantor and do I need one?
A Guarantor is someone that is guaranteeing the rent will be paid each month. This person will be liable for the financial portion of the lease in the event that you cannot pay.
What should I expect on move-in day?
We ask that everyone pay their move-in total online a day before move-in. We typically have numerous move-ins happening at the same time so it can be a bit crazy in the office. We appreciate everyone's patience while we work diligently to get everyone moved in. We will make sure everything is paid in full, review your move-in packet with you, and answer any questions you may have.
What is included in my rent?
We include in your monthly payment rent, electric, gas, water, sewer, trash, internet general pest control and furniture. We have a monthly electric cap of $100 per apartment. It is rare the residents go over this usage, but if so, we divide the overage equally amongst all four residents and send out a notice for reimbursement of the overage. This makes it extremely easy for our residents so you only have one payment each month instead of keeping up with multiple payments each month.
What furniture is provided?
In our shared living apartments, we provide a sofa and coffee table in the living room and each bedroom is furnished with a platform bed frame, mattress, desk and chair. Our beds are full size. If you would like us to remove any of the bedroom furniture prior to move-in, we can do so with a written request received by July 15th.
What is expected from me as a resident?
As a resident, you are expected to follow the terms of your lease agreement and respect your roommates, neighbors, employees, and the property.
What if my roommate and I don't get along?
We ask that all our residents try to work things out among themselves first. Please talk with each other and respect your roommates. If an agreement cannot be reached, we can schedule a time for everyone in the apartment to meet with two people from the office to help mediate.
What happens if I pay my rent late?
While we understand that things happen, there is a process that we must follow if rent is not paid on time. Your rent is due on the 1st of each month although we do give you a grace period of 3 days. If rent has not been paid before midnight the morning of the 4th, a late fee will automatically be posted to your account. On the 4th, you will receive a legal notice on your door. This notice must be sent and is specifically worded for court. It is a bit harsh! You will have 3-days to pay your rent before legal proceedings can commence. We do not want to send anyone to eviction but if your rent is not paid and goes to eviction it will affect your record for several years and will also be placed on your credit report in collections. It is extremely important that your rent is paid on time every month.
What is installment billing and why is my first month's rent not prorated?
Here at The 208, we take the total amount owed for your lease contract and break that payment into equal installments. This helps to keep the cost of your monthly rent payment lower throughout the entire term of your lease. Since it is equal monthly installments, your first month's rent will not be prorated. You will still owe a full month's rent for your first month and will owe rent as normal again on the 1st of the following month.